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When it comes to laundry, we don’t expect much. You expect your properly functioning dryer to convert your wet laundry to dry clothes, sheets, and the like. While that’s a fair expectation, there are a couple of other basic expectations when it comes to your dryer that you may not think of right away. You expect your dryer not to make you healthy, not to put your home at risk, and not to cost you an arm and a leg. Our Atlanta air duct cleaning company Air Pro, can help make sure those expectations are fulfilled.

What are the risks of a clothes dryer?

Clothes dryers work by pulling air through openings or vents in the frame of the dryer, heating that air, and sending that heated air into and through your clothes while they spin around the interior of the dryer. The hot air blown into and through your clothes helps to pull moisture from your clothes. But what happens to that moisture?


That moisture is carried by the heated air out of the dryer and through its venting system and ducts to exit your house. In most cases, laundry rooms are located near a house’s exterior walls so that the hot and moist air doesn’t have to travel too far to be deposited outside. The farther the air has to travel or more corners it needs to round, the more likely the air will cool and that moisture will condense — into water — in the vent’s ductwork.

Dryer vents and ductwork that are damaged, longer than ideal, or contain more corners than ideal run the risk of gradually clogging up with lint

A lint-clogged dryer vent or duct will not allow the hot air to escape your home. Instead, the air will condense to moisture which in turn can produce mold when the ever-increasing pile of lint gets and stays wet.

As if the risk of mold wasn’t enough, the inability of that hot and wet air to escape will require that your dryer run longer and longer — increasing your energy costs and wearing out your dryer.

As if that wasn’t enough, the blockage in your dryer’s vent and ducts will cause the temperature inside to rise to the point that the flammable lint can catch fire. The National Fire Protection Agency has estimated that, between 2010 and 2014, improperly maintained dryer vents contributed to 16,000 structure fires and over $200,000,000 in property damage every year.

Beyond the risk of mold, increased energy costs, prolonged drying cycles, and fire, a dryer vent that is narrowed or plugged due to lint can force dangerous carbon monoxide into your home. Your dryer naturally produces carbon monoxide that must be vented out of your home. If that carbon monoxide is not vented, occupants of your home face the significant risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

How can Atlanta Air Pro help?

Atlanta Air Pro is familiar with all types of residential clothes dryers and venting and duct systems. They have the equipment necessary to access every piece of your vent ducts, wherever located and however long and twisted. They’ll ensure that you dryer is venting properly, and that the ducts are free of lint, mold, and anything else that will put your dryer, wallet, clothes, health or property at risk. To ensure your dryer is meeting your expectations — and not putting you at risk — contact Atlanta Air Pro to have your dryer vent and ducts cleaned regularly.

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