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Inspecting and Servicing Coil Evaporators

Your manufacturer’s warranty may not be what it seems when it comes to your residential coil evaporator. Our Atlanta air duct cleaning company is dedicated to keeping our clients comfortable all year long by ensuring that their home’s coil evaporator is running efficiently. 

The coil evaporator in your furnace or air handler plays an essential part in keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Ignoring the coil evaporator cleaning or just assuming that all is well can leave you hot when you’d rather be cool and cold when you’re looking to get warmer. At our Atlanta air duct cleaning company, we’re dedicated to making sure our clients are comfortable every day of the year.

One way we do that is by carefully inspecting and cleaning our customers’ coil evaporators.

What do coil evaporators do?

The coil evaporator is basically a heat exchanger. The coil evaporator is a coil that is filled with refrigerant. Refrigerant evaporates as it absorbs heat from hot air that is blown over it, leaving cooler air behind. If your coil evaporator isn’t working properly, you may notice a few things: the flow of air from your furnace or air conditioner will be a lot slower or even stop; and the air that does flow from the unit may not be as cool as it used to be. Both those problems add up to two things.

First, your home will be less comfortable and, second, you may suffer much higher energy bills since your system will be running much less efficiently.

What undermines the performance of a coil evaporator?

While there are several possible explanations for a poorly performing coil evaporator, one of the biggest culprits is actually pretty mundane — dirt. A dirty coil evaporator does not effectively adjust the temperature of air that blows across it. Unfortunately, coil evaporators are usually placed very awkwardly within heating, cooling, and air exchange systems. For that reason, we don’t recommend that homeowners access and clean their own coil evaporators. But we do recommend that coil evaporators be inspected and cleaned regularly.

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How can Atlanta Air Pro help?

We recommend that your coil evaporator be inspected and cleaned regularly to ensure that your home is comfortable, your air is as clean and temperature-regulated as possible, and that your system is running efficiently. The professionally licensed and trained staff at Atlanta Air Pro have experience with every air handling system on the market. They’ll access, remove, and inspect your coil evaporator for any signs of dirt and debris, mold, refrigerant leaks, indications of freezing, and any physical damage to the fins on the coil.

If that inspection reveals any damage, Atlanta Air Pro will make recommendations for repairs or replacement to ensure the functioning of your system and your comfort. If the inspection confirms that there is no damage, the unit will be thoroughly cleaned, then replaced in your system.

Following an inspection and the completion of any necessary service by our Atlanta air duct cleaning professionals at Atlanta Air Pro, you’ll be able to rest comfortably — and in comfortable and predictable temperatures without risking unusually high energy bills — for the heating and cooling seasons to come.

Whether you’ve experienced any symptoms of a malfunctioning coil evaporator, unusually high energy bills, or you just want to ensure everything is performing as it should, contact the professionals at Atlanta Air Pro for an inspection, support, and service.

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