What are the benefits of air duct cleaning?

Air Duct cleaning generally means cleaning the supply and exhaust vents and their associated parts, including the grille and diffuser, coil and fan unit, and any other part of the HVAC system.

More and more people are becoming aware that indoor pollution is an increasing problem and that they need to take action. Many companies market products and services intended to help improve the quality of your indoors environment.

Have you ever seen an ad for cleaning your air ducts? Or maybe you’ve gotten a coupon in the mailbox from a company promising to improve your indoor air quality? 

Depending on the service provided, these companies typically charge between $450 to $3,950 for their service, depending on the job.

Your house or place of business has air duct systems that help keep your home and work space  comfortable. They circulate the heat and coolness inside your home or business through your central HVAC system, so you always feel comfortable no matter what time of year it is. 

Whether it’s residential air duct cleaning or commercial air duct cleaning, there are many reasons why you should have your air duct system professionally inspected and maintained. Here are some of them:

Your Indoor Air Quality Will Improve Drastically

Professional cleaning of your air duct system helps keep the house clean by reducing the amount of airborne particles circulating through your home. Luckily, a thorough air conditioning system cleanout reduces the amount of interior housekeeping needed to keep a healthy living space.

If you want to boost your HVAC unit’s efficiency, cleaning the ducts is one way to go

Your house’s ventilation system circulates the same indoor/outdoor atmosphere that you and your family inhale and exhale. Indoor air contains pollutants like pet dander, dust, volatile chemicals (such as formaldehyde), carbon monoxide, and pesticide residue that gets drawn into the heating/cooling system. As they continue to collect inside the ducts, these pollutants eventually enter your house again. Breathing in these pollutants has the possibility of triggering coughing, sneezes, bronchial congestion and other respiratory illnesses. Cleaning the ducts regularly will help keep them clean, which will prevent dust from accumulating there, which will help keep the air inside your house cleaner, and which will protect your family’s health.

It Can Help Eliminate Bad Odors

Odors in the house come from many sources such as paint fumes, cigarette smoke, cleaning agents, mold, and the cooking of food. If there are stale smells coming from the vents, they could be trapping themselves inside the ducts and flowing back into the house again and again. Mold and bacteria can also grow in the air ducts and produce foul odors. Rodents and other animals often get into the ducts and leave behind some feces. Other people get stuck, die, and decomposes, releasing foul smells. After opening the window or spraying some air freshener, such odors won’t disappear. Cleaning out your ductwork helps keep it free of contaminants and dead critter nests, which makes them less likely to nest there. This will help remove stale odors from your house.

Your Living Environment Will Feel More Sanitized

Dust accumulates in the air ducts when you shut down your heating/cooling system for a few hours. When you turn on the unit the particles circulate through the air inside the room. They settle on your bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. You will need to frequently dust the surface of your house to keep it clean and hygienically maintained. If you notice that there’s an unusual amount of dust in your house, then you should look into the duct system. By cleaning the ducts regularly, you can stop pollutants entering your house repeatedly and keep your house cleaner for longer periods of time.

Cleaning Your Duct System Will Remove Irritants

Air duct systems may also contain some harmful bacteria. Recirculating airborne contaminants can be harmful for anyone who has kids, lives with seniors, or has an impaired immune system. When allergens such as pet dander, animal fur, molds, and pollen get into the air, they can cause allergies and asthma attacks. Regularly scheduled air duct cleaning helps keep allergens out of the house, making for healthier living conditions. Breathing cleaner, healthier, and fresher-smelling indoor environments helps people feel better. It will help reduce sick days, medical costs, and discomfort levels.

Reduce Risk of Fire

Ducts that are dirty can cause fires. Over time, dust, lint, and soot may collect inside the ducts, and if they get hot enough, they could start a small blaze. This can result in major damages to your house and put the lives of your family members at risk. If you’re using propane, natural gas, or oil for heating, there’s a greater chance that you could be exposed to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Therefore, it’s important that you conduct regular air conditioning maintenance to reduce the risk of fires and keep your house safe from them.

Your Duct System Will Last Longer, Prolonging it’s Life Span

Dirty ducts cause your system to run longer to keep the air inside your house at an acceptable temperature. It stresses the system out and wears down parts, causing them to break down during the season. Because of this, you will need to call for repair services more frequently than normal. If you keep using the unit in such a state, you will damage vital components like the motor and the air conditioning system, which could lead to failure. You’ll have to replace the entire unit before the warranty expires. Regularly scheduled maintenance will help keep your HVAC unit running smoothly for longer periods of time.


There are many benefits of cleaning your HVAC system‘s vents and filters that can improve its performance and help keep your indoor environment clean. Home owners may attempt to clean the vents themselves, but some will choose to hire an HVAC contractor instead. You should either understand what’s going on inside your house’s ducts before trying to fix them yourself, or hire someone else to do it for you. If you think the indoor environment is unhealthy, you might want to consider having an inspection by a certified HVAC technician. Your family members will appreciate having cleaner air at home, even if they’re not allergic to dust mites.

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